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7 th International Colloquium of Funerary Archaeology

Al 7-lea Colocviu internaţional de arheologie funerară

Topic : “The society of the living – the community of the dead” (from Neolithic to the Christian era)

Tema: „Societatea celor vii”- „comunitatea celor care dorm” (din neolitic la epoca creştină)

Sibiu 6-9 october / octombrie 2005

Funeral rite in the Noua Culture:
Considerations regarding a Noua Culture tomb discovered
near Valea Viilor, jud. Sibiu (abstract)

Adrian Georgescu, Andrei Gonciar, Ovidiu Calborean (Sibiu - Romania)

In early autumn 2004, near Valea Viilor (jud. Sibiu), several bones, possibly human, have been found about 2,4 km West-Northwest from the village, in the immediate vicinity of the river Vorumloc. The deposit was situated approximately 4,5 m above road level, in a terrace profile, resulting from a recent landslide.
The excavation of the deposit led to the discovery of a human skeleton, placed in a fetal position on his left side. The artifacts present in the burial were a cup with a handle – mostly destroyed – placed behind the head, at neck level, and a larger vase, “cantharos” type, with two raised handles with buttons in the hands.
The position of the body, in conjunction with the ceramic material, allows us to date the burial in the 2nd faze of the Noua Culture.


International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences


The 30th comission

"Lucian Blaga" University Sibiu

Research Centre:

„BRUKENTHAL” National Museum


History Museum (MNBS)

Directia judeţeană pentru Cultură, Culte şi Patrimoniul Cultural Naţional Sibiu



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