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7 th International Colloquium of Funerary Archaeology

Al 7-lea Colocviu internaţional de arheologie funerară

Topic : “The society of the living – the community of the dead” (from Neolithic to the Christian era)

Tema: „Societatea celor vii”- „comunitatea celor care dorm” (din neolitic la epoca creştină)

Sibiu 6-9 october / octombrie 2005

An inhumation grave belonging to Basarabi culture discovered at Hunedoara-Grădina Castelului (abstract)

Dragoş Diaconescu (Hunedoara – Romania)

This study present a burial grave belonging to Basarabi culture, discovered at Hunedoara-Grădina Castelului. The skeleton, in anatomical position, was placed on the back and the knees was bended. The chest and the ribs’s fore part of the defunct was missing because the body suffered a cremation attempt. The form of the grave’s pit was a circular one, and the offering consist in a shoulder blade from a cattle. Also in the pit was placed fragments of soil burned very hard, some of them being vitrify.
Also, in he same archeological site, very close to this burial pit was discovered other pits and their shape was similar, but these doesn’t contain human bones or other skeletons. That’s why is very possible that this burial is not a part from a necropolis, in the proper sense of the word, and to be only an isolated grave.


International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences


The 30th comission

"Lucian Blaga" University Sibiu

Research Centre:

„BRUKENTHAL” National Museum


History Museum (MNBS)

Directia judeţeană pentru Cultură, Culte şi Patrimoniul Cultural Naţional Sibiu



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